During COVID-19 we have temporarily closed our wig salons until. Contact Eileen Coan at coan@touchedbycancer.org or 216-455-1504 with any questions.

Until we can reopen we strongly encourage you to shop the TLC catalog from the American Cancer Society. Lowest prices, nice selection of wigs and turbans, 1-800-850-9445, www.tlcdirect.org

Regina Brett, local author newspaper columnist and breast cancer survivor, was the inspiration for our Regina Brett Wig Salons. She has said that being bald was one of the hardest parts of her cancer journey. She wants women to have a comfortable, nurturing place to find a wig where they don't have to worry about cost. Our Regina Brett Wig Salons, when open, provide a free wig to women with cancer related hair loss. 

Support for wigs to women with breast cancer provided by the generosity of Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio.

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