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Yoga with Lisa Thiel

A gentle flow class appropriate for all levels.
Yoga for Cancer is a gentle, mind-body practice designed to empower participants to take an active role in managing their care and long-term health. The classes include physical postures and movement to improve strength, mobility, range of motion, balance and circulation. Breathing practices are used for better respiration, while mediation and other relaxation techniques are used to help manage stress and anxiety to enhance well-being. Each class offers modifications to meet fluctuations in physical ability and energy level throughout the cancer journey. Different positions (in chairs, on the floor and standing) and the use of props are encouraged to meet individual needs. Instructor: Lisa Thiel, MA, E-RYT500

Health and fitness screening required before attending any movement class.

Please consult your physician before beginning this, or any exercise program. As with any exercise program, if at any point you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately. Information is for educational purposes only.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is only required once per quarter. Please select the top date listed below to register. Stephen ´╗┐Cerne will confirm your registration for the quarter.

Headshot for Lisa Thiel
Lisa Thiel
MA, E-RYT500