Clinical Trials and Research Opportunities

Finding Clinical Trials

The National Cancer Institute, through the National Institutes of Health, has a clinical trial search engine. It is user friendly, but we are glad to assist you in your search.

Research Opportunities at The Gathering Place

Periodically The Gathering Place is contacted by a university or hospital seeking help to recruit individuals for a research opportunity. We have never and will never sell or give away our database of participants. We agree to pass along opportunities that meet our criteria * to you via this website. Below are links to research projects that you may follow up on if you are interested. We do not endorse or recommend them, or receive any compensation, but we are glad to bring them to your attention. 

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*Prior to posting, the researcher submits to Beth Bennett, Chief Programming Officer, a copy of the research proposal or a copy of the IRB approval. When there are questions about proposals from outside researchers, they will be forwarded to the Research Committee for review. We ask that they be clear in their request when to remove the flyer as well. Email Beth with any questions at 


The resources and information given by our staff is NOT an endorsement of those individuals or practices. Staff members do not provide medical advice or assistance. We make every attempt to stock current, legitimate health-related materials. Opinions offered in writing or in lectures do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Gathering Place staff or Board of Trustees. We receive no fee for maintaining lists of resources and information. It is the responsibility of anyone utilizing this information to fully research the resources provided.

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