A message from our Founder & CEO

In July, Eileen Saffran, Founder and CEO of The Gathering Place announced that she would be retiring from her position as CEO in December of 2019. Listen to the video below to hear her personal message.

In preparation for Eileen's retirement as CEO, a transition committee has been put into place under the leadership of David Ostro, board chair of The Gathering Place and Mike Toth, a member of the board of directors. The committee consists of current and former members of the board of directors and community members.

The committee is tasked with defining and coordinating all related activities, including a comprehensive communication plan to keep everyone updated about the transition process. The day to day work of The Gathering Place continues and preparation is underway to begin the celebration of our 20th anniversary which will begin in January 2019 with celebrations and activities running throughout the year.

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