Fear: Getting a Grip & Staying Grounded

FEAR – one of the many unpleasant four-letter words, abounds during the month of October.Whether you celebrate Halloween or not – so many people try their hardest to turn front yards into mysterious castles, graveyards or creating their own haunted house effects! It’s hard – if not impossible to get away from. When on the cancer journey, FEAR sneaks into our lives – sometimes when we least expect it. Adults and children alike experience lots of worries and fears which can control one’s day if you don’t develop strong coping skills.

One of our popular group activities was making “coping pillows!” Made from soft fleece, these pillow masterpieces are quite 'huggable'. Each young person decorated their pillow and some were incredibly classy! Many of the pillows designed and created by teens – were exceptionally sophisticated.

Bottom line is that our fears can be ugly…however as we identify our coping skills – we can literally wrap our arms around our fears and our coping pillows which are really so soft! Kids and teens wrote their coping skills on spare pieces of fleece which then got buried into the pillow’s fluff. When worried, they can hug their pillow and remember all the coping skills they tucked/ hid inside!

Some of the skills for coping with fear and worry that children and teens included in their pillows were...

Reading, listening to music, playing music, singing, coloring, drawing, baking, playing with a friend, stretching, exercise, yoga, sports, taking a walk in the park, playing a favorite game, talking to a grown up.

For information on how to utilize our programs for children, teens and families contact Casey Durkin, Director of Children and Family Programs, at durkin@touchedbycancer.org or 216.595.9546.

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