Take Good Care of Yourself

When the snow flies here in Cleveland, we tend to hunker down. So many of our favorite activities require warm weather and sunlight, not shovels and boots! When you add the stress of a cancer diagnosis in yourself or someone you love, winter can be even harder. You might feel socially isolated and home bound from the fun when you may need human contact the most. At The Gathering Place, we encourage you to brave the weather and stay involved. We are offering some new programs to encourage you to get out and be connected. Research shows, and our participants' experience confirms, engaging in our wide range of programs and services can help reduce your stress and lift your mood. We can't promise you will like winter more, but let us entice you to spend it in good company.

In addition to participating in programs at The Gathering Place there are things you can do at home to take care of yourself as well. Maybe a good book from our library could take the chill off with intellectual stimulation and spiritual warmth. At the end of this article is a suggested list of books from our library available for loan and you'll find many more when you come for a visit.

Do you miss getting your hands in the dirt while gardening? You can start a succulent or herb garden at home during the winter months. Are there activities you are used to doing outdoors that could be adapted for indoors? A stationary bike may not be as fun as a country road, but it is safe and dry. Missing your usual gang of friends for softball or book club? You can still come together, even if it's just to watch Netflix or knit scarves together. (We offer a knitting group at our Beachwood location on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month from 2-3:30pm)

Maybe now is a good time to start journaling or telling your favorite childhood memories on video. Meditation can bring you peace of mind for the 20 minutes you practice and it can sustain you for hours after. As the old song and the title of this article say: Take good care of yourself.

These self care books listed below can be found in our library east and west

A Year of Living Consciously - Gay Hendricks

This Year I Will - M.J. Ryan

20-Minute Retreats - Rachel Harris

The Anatomy of Hope - Jerome Groopman

The I'm Not Scared Book - Todd Parr

The Resilience Factor - Karen Reivich

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