Artist Spotlight

Moses Gallery of Art & Bornstein Gallery of Art


Brad Bailey’s exhibit is currently being displayed in Westlake at our Moses Gallery of Art through June 2018. Find out why one summer at Cedar Point changed Brad’s life forever and launched a 30 year career as a street artist.

Born in Pennsylvania and raised on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio Brad did not discover his true passion for art until college. However, he gained his appreciation in high school while serving as a volunteer mentoring youth at Oberlin Art Museum.

After graduating high school, Brad went on to study at Bowling Green State University. Like many college students, Brad was in search of a job after his first year. He says, “I didn’t want to flip burgers, I wanted to draw.” So he applied for a position at Cedar Point as a caricature artist and was hired shortly after. Brad says his life was changed forever after he discovered that his passion for art could impact the world for good. He says, “Sometimes you find somebody not having a good day. We do a great job of laughing with them by finding a silly drawing.”

In 2010, Brad was diagnosed with myxoid lipsarcoma, a rare cancer that resulted in him losing his leg. In 2016, Brad’s tumor returned in his spin as stage four terminal cancer.

Brad recently picked up a new form of art which includes landscapes using acrylic, water color and oil paint. Ironically Brad was not a fan of landscapes, he says, “why wouldn’t people just use the camera. Then it dawned on me, it’s about the process.” His floral series is a message of triumph and adversity.

Both Brad and his wife participate in support groups at The Gathering Place where they have found a community of folks that can laugh, support and encourage them.


Sawsan Alhaddad’s current exhibit is being displayed in Beachwood at our Borstein Gallery of Art through June 2018. Explore her oil paintings and water color paintings as they reflect her love for nature, sunlight and water.

Born and raised in Iraq, Sawsan knew at the age of 8 that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a doctor. During that time, the percentage of women working in her hometown was going up, although the majority of women still did not work. Sawsan recalls her experience, “there were 200 students in medical school and 25 of them were women.” Sawsan followed her father after he moved to the states to practice medicine in Cleveland.

After several years of working as an anesthesiologist, Sawsan was in search of more. She recalls, “I did everything for everybody and I didn’t do anything for myself.” Sawsan enrolled in an art class that met once a week for two hours. Sawsan is now retired and paints every day from 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Some of Sawsan’s favorite pieces are from a series of abstract paintings that represent all the things she’s had to let go. She says, “the series represents change and transition.”

All money raised from Sawsan’s paintings supports local charities that she supports.  A portion of the money raised from her current exhibit in the Borstein Gallery will benefit The Gathering Place.

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