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Bornstein Gallery of Art & Moses Gallery of Art


Deborah Warnock’s quilt exhibit is being displayed at The Gathering Place’s west side gallery (Moses Gallery of Art) through the end of the year. Deborah’s inspiration for quilting came at a time she least expected and has become an anchor for connecting her with family and friends.

Growing up Deborah was never artistic, so when her friends mentioned that they picked up quilting as a hobby she paid no attention. After she saw how much joy it brought them, she decided to join. Now, Deborah and her friends get together once a month in a sewing room as she describes “fabrics flying all over the place while we sort, pack and eat!”

When Deborah creates her quilts the process is unique to the piece she is working on. The soundtrack to her creative process is based on her mood and helps to inspire her work.

In 2008, Deborah was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. She came to The Gathering Place for exercise classes, guided imagery and art therapy. Deborah says, “the yoga classes are the best thing that happened to me.”

Unfortunately, Deborah recently lost her sister. She is working on a memory quilt in her honor.

Quilts from the exhibit at The Gathering Place Beachwood will be donated to participants in need at the end of the year.


Arabella Proffer’s biomorphic paintings are currently being displayed at The Gathering Place’s east side gallery (Bornstein Gallery of Art) through the end of the year. According to, biomorphic art is large and diverse, drawing connections between nature-inspired objects across time periods and geographies.

Earlier in her career, Arabella enjoyed creating art deco, figurative and portrait paintings. However, in 2010 that all changed. She says, “My work changed drastically one day in 2010 when I found myself creating surreal organic environments.” That same year, Arabella discovered a bump on her leg while shaving. She did not think much of it and ignored it for one month. After the bump started to bruise she decided to see her physician and shortly after was diagnosed with a rare cancer, lyposarcoma. Doctors told Arabella if she had waited another week her leg would have had to be amputated. Scans of Arabella’s tumor were revealed to her and what she discovered was shocking. “The tumor looked almost identical to what I had been painting-tentacles and all.” Since 2010, Arabella recalls other instances where her paintings have mirrored the biology of her body.

After a series of radiation and radical surgery, Arabella is now cancer free. Although she still walks with a cane, she is proud to now be able to walk down stairs for the first time in seven years.

Throughout Arabella’s cancer journey she remained optimistic and says her art is what kept her inspired.

Her words of advice to those on the cancer journey “carry on”.

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