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Financial Assistance

By: Eileen Coan

At The Gathering Place we are very fortunate to work with local, professional volunteers who offer pro bono services. These service lessen the financial burden caused by cancer addressing your questions and concerns about issues. Some topics our professional volunteers will discuss with you, include, but not limited to:

  • What about credit card debt, student loans, mortgage payments, rental payments, or car payments impact me during treatment?
  • Are my financial documents in order?
  • Does my health insurance provide me maximum care? How do I maintain my coverage if I am unable to work? What other benefits may I be entitled to? Or what benefits may I lose while I am in treatment?
  • If I am over 65, does my medical coverage change with Medicare? What does Medicare supplemental coverage do for me? How does Social Security influence my care costs?
  • What changes for me financial regarding cash flow, expenses that I may have that may exceed my income?
  • What about credit card debt, student loans, mortgage payments, rental payments, or car payments impact me during treatment?
  • How do I/we/our family re-adjust our financial “plan” during tour cancer journey?

Reach out today to Eileen Coan to set up a discussion about your financial concerns.

There are not nearly the financial resources available to match the needs in our area, which is an ongoing frustration for those needing help and for those trying to find help. We are lucky to have some resources in our area:

Cleaning For a Reason , 877-337-3348,

HEAP: Home Energy Assistance - heating, gas, electric, utilities, 800-282-0880

The Ohio Benefit Bank: makes it simpler to complete applications for programs like food assistance, child care assistance, health coverage, and much more online.

Chemotherapy : All pharmaceutical companies have some form of compassionate care, where you can apply to receive their drug at reduced or no cost. You apply for each drug to the manufacturer and you apply every year. Here is a link to a list of all the contact information for the major oncology drug companies:

All Cancers

Patient Access Network (PAN): Helps underinsured people with life-threatening/chronic diseases pay for out-of-pocket costs, 866-316-7263,

Christians Overcoming Cancer, PO Box 307133, Gahanna, OH, 43230, 614-985-3750,

Breast Cancer Financial Aid

Cancer Cares (Avon), 800-813-4673, Financial assistance for women

JD Breast Cancer Foundation, 216-791-9447,

Karen P Nakon , 440-933-7621,

United Breast Cancer Foundation, individual grants, Click here for application

WooWho Annual Grants, 440-376-7458,

The Pink Fund, 877-234-7465,

Sharsharet: Helping Jewish women face their increased risk of breast and ovarian cancers,

Other Cancers

Blue Note Fund for Colon Cancer, 877-422-2030,

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, (216) 264-5680,

Mission4Maureen, 440-840-6497, Brain tumors,

Oral Cancer Foundation, 949-723-4400,

Children &Young Adults

Jeremy Cares: college scholarships, sibling support, holiday giving,PO Box 84, Avon Lake, OH 44012,

Rise Above It, Young Adults, PO BOX 40054, Bay Village, 44014,

Stupid Cancer: Young adult cancer advocacy, research, and support, .

Young Adult Cancer Survivors, 89 South Street, Suite LL02,Boston, MA 02111,617-938-3484,

First Descents: life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (age 18-39) impacted by cancer, 303.945.2490,