About The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place opened its doors in Beachwood in 2000 in a grass roots effort to provide a space where people felt safe, connected with others and found peace during a time of chaos. A space where the entire family was supported, the services were free of charge and the largest barrier to entry was admitting you needed help. In 2008, a location was opened in Westlake and in 2011 The Gathering Place Richman Family Wellness Center opened in Beachwood to provide exercise programs for individuals in treatment and those who had completed treatment. Since opening its doors, The Gathering Place has served over 47,000 individuals who have made more than 371,000 visits.

The mission of The Gathering Place is to support, educate and empower individuals and families currently coping with the impact of cancer in their lives through programs and services provided free of charge.


The programs at The Gathering Place address the body, the mind and the spirit. We recognize that everyone has different needs while coping with cancer and we provide programs and services to meet people where they are on the journey; whether you are the person with cancer or their loved one. 

People often describe feeling a sense of peace when they walk through our doors. This comes from being a part of a community. This comes from feeling safe and connected. This comes from knowing you are not alone on your journey.

The Gathering Place believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge to create and maintain an environment that embraces and includes diverse traditions, ethnicities, experiences and orientation.

Art at TGP

When you walk through the doors of The Gathering Place you will see art throughout our space that has been donated to us by individuals and families. You will also see art created by our participants in our art therapy programs. Art is an opportunity to explore the feelings that come with a cancer journey and express them using the creativity that is within each of us. Art is also a way to create a space that feels homelike.

Creative Arts

In order to maintain the safety of our community during COVID-19 all of our programs are being offered virtually.

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Programs and Services

  • Individual support and support groups help participants find ways to cope with the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis
  • There are weekly groups for those diagnosed with cancer and one for family and friends, as well as monthly or quarterly drop-in groups for specific cancers such as breast, prostate, blood cancers and oral, head and neck cancers.
  • Two education centers that include lending libraries with over 2,500 books, cds and dvds provide information and opportunities to learn more about coping and provide practical information
  • The medical librarian will help you research any questions you may have on cancer and its treatment, whether you are newly diagnosed, a long-term survivor or a family member seeking information
  • Lectures and workshops by local experts offer the latest information on cancer treatments and complementary medicine
  • Reiki, massage and reflexology can help reduce stress and manage pain
  • Gentle movement classes such as tai chi, yoga and qigong help to rebuild strength and balance and reduce stress
  • Exercise classes led by certified fitness trainers help to address the physical side effects of cancer treatment and help to build strength and increase stamina
  • One-to-one consultations with a licensed dietitian as well as hands-on cooking classes help to enhance or create a more healthy life style
  • Comprehensive individual and group programs that meet the needs of children and teens coping with an adult family members cancer
  • Art and music programs help individuals tap into their creativity to explore and express the emotions that come up during the cancer journey
  • Regina Brett Wig Salons provide a free wig to women with cancer-related hair loss

East Location

The Gathering Place East was opened in Beachwood in January 2000 to meet the needs of individuals and families touched by cancer. The facility in Beachwood includes Norma's Garden, a beautiful, healing space that includes paths for walking and spaces to sit and meditate. The Gathering Place East is located at 23300 Commerce Park.

In 2011, The Richman Family Wellness Center was opened to address the side effects from cancer treatment like fatigue and to help build strength and stamina. The Gathering Place Richman Family Wellness Center is located at 23295 Commerce Park. 

Regardless of which facility you go to access the programs and services offered by The Gathering Place you will find a caring and supportive staff and the same types of programs to help you and your family cope with a cancer diagnosis.

West Location

The Gathering Place West is located in Westlake and opened in October of 2008. This facility provides those living west of the Cuyahoga an opportunity to utilize our programs and services a little closer to home. 

The Gathering Place West is located at 25425 Center Ridge Road. Regardless of which facility you go to access the programs and services offered by The Gathering Place, you will find a caring and supportive staff and the same types of programs to help you and your family cope with a cancer diagnosis.