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Podcast Series: Three Forkfuls of Spaghetti

By: Sabrina Bowens

Podcast Series: Three Forkfuls of Spaghetti

Dee Pipik lived with cancer for over forty years, giving her insight into not only surviving the disease but thriving despite it. She found that cancer came with suffering and compassion, everyday trivialities, emotional peaks and troughs. She learned not to be defined by her illness, but to make it a part of a life well-lived. The process, she said, begins with “a small but meaningful step, perhaps just three forkfuls of spaghetti”…and is told through a series of podcasts she recorded with her sister-in-law.

The Gathering Place has partnered with Dee’s family to spread awareness around her stories via a sneak peek via the link below. The goal of these short and heartfelt podcasts is to share Dee’s story and give voice to those impacted by cancer, offer a soft place to land for those sitting in waiting rooms or undergoing lengthy treatment - and a laugh or two. The creation of these podcasts is in part to a talented family undertaking – a true labor of love. Thank you to Dee and her family for sharing her words with the public. The full podcast series will be launched in September.

Listen to the podcast series here.