Exercise at TGP

By: Stephen Cerne

Regular exercise can greatly improve physical and mental health and it's a very important piece of the cancer journey. At The Gathering Place, we understand the importance of exercise during or after treatment and will work each participant to help them meet their unique needs. Those who were not active before their cancer diagnosis can safely and successfully join one of our exercise programs.

Health and fitness screening required before attending any movement class. Please contact Stephen Cerne at 216-455-1503.

Qigong Tai Chi
Qigong is a practice of wholistic health maintenance exercises designed to build stamina, improve balance and flexibility to one's innate health and well-being. This is achieved by:

  • Integrating gentle movements
  • Breathing techniques
  • Accupressure self-massage
  • Mindfullness meditation

The above exercises can done sitting or standing and appropriate for abilities and fitness levels.

Yoga for Cancer
Yoga for Cancer is a gentle, mind-body practice designed to empower participants to take an active role in managing their care and long-term health. The classes include physical postures and movement to improve strength, mobility, range of motion, balance and circulation. Breathing practices are used for better respiration, while mediation and other relaxation techniques are used to help manage stress and anxiety to enhance well-being. Each class offers modifications to meet fluctuations in physical ability and energy level throughout the cancer journey. Different positions (in chairs, on the floor and standing) and the use of props are encouraged to meet individual needs.

Restorative Motion
Restorative Motion is an entry level movement program focusing on proper posture, alignment and body symmetry. This class has a slow-flow, yoga-based format that can help participants ease tension, relaxing both the mind and body. The large majority of all exercises can be done in a seated position, while there are time which participants, if possible, will stand or lie down.

Balance for Improved Function
Balance for Improved Function stresses simple, functional movements, allowing participants to move more efficiently and decrease fall risks. The focus is on building up core stability and balance simultaneously, while at the same time creating a better sense of body awareness. This class is appropriate for those experiencing symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue and neuropathy.

This program offers a combination of cardiovascular, balance, flexibility, core and strength training exercises. The focus is on education and teaching proper form and technique, which limits the chance of injury while producing the best results. Participants will learn simple, functional exercises that can be performed with little or no equipment in the comfort of their own home.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and scented lotions while a The Gathering Place. Many people undergoing treatment are sensitive to smells and find it makes them feel ill. Thank you.