Someone I Love is Sick

Need help talking to children about cancer?

Someone I Love is Sick: Helping Very Young Children Cope with Cancer in the Family is a customizable book to use when talking with children ages 2-6 years old when a parent or grandparent has cancer. It addresses all stages of the cancer journey including diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, recurrence and end of life. The book can be used by families and health care professionals. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit The Gathering Place, a non-profit cancer support center providing free programs and services to individuals and families.

Purchase either the Parent or Grandparent version of Someone I Love is Sick by contacting The Gathering Place at 216-595-9546.

What People Are Saying

"My husband is quite ill with cancer and we have two year old twin girls. I was determined that there be a book I could use to help them understand all of the changes in our house, and begin to give them some language to share what was happening. This book does everything I wanted. I cannot recommend this book enough, I have talked about it all over my community." - Book Review


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