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Coping with cancer treatment and side effects

By: Eileen Coan

Patients tell us that the side effects of cancer treatment can be harder than the cancer itself. This makes sense when you realize that cancer does not cause nausea or hair loss, but chemotherapy can. We also hear from many of our participants that the anticipation of the potential side effects was much worse than what they actually experienced. That being said, it is important to know that there are things you can do to reduce side effects.

Before you start treatment, ask your health care team what side effects you are likely to have. Learn about steps you can take, as well as supportive care that you will receive, to lessen side effects during and after treatment. Speak up about any side effects you have and changes you notice, so your health care team can treat or help you manage them. Common side effects caused by cancer treatment include:M of Hope: clothing boutique for women going through surgery and chemotherapy. 7535 Peal Rd., Middleburgh Hts.,(440)243-2818, www.mofhope.com

Health Journeys: We are delighted to be able offer a link to the most popular CD's by Belleruth Naparstek, of Health Journeys. Ms. Naparstek has been actively involved with The Gathering Place since before we opened our doors, generously donating many CD's over the years, speaking to our participants, and now sharing her online resources: Health Journeys Cancer and Caregiver Guided Imagery

Cancer Wellness has many videos to watch on coping as well - Cancer Wellness

Talking with Others in Your Situation

There are several ways to find someone who has faced a similar diagnosis or treatment, who is close to your age and situation in life. To find a phone buddy reach out to:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, First Connect, Debbie Kendig, 800-589-5721, http://www.lls.org/support/peer-to-peer-support
The Cleveland Clinic has Scott Hamilton's Fourth Angel, 216-455-8734, http://www.4thangel.org/
Nationally, there is Imerman's Angels, http://imermanangels.org/, 866-IMERMAN (463-7626)