• Access Our Library

    Meet with our full-time librarian or browse our large lending libraries, where you can borrow books for six months.

  • Advanced Cancers

    A diagnosis of advanced cancer is a time for the patient and everyone they love to have the difficult conversation about their wishes for end of life care.

  • Breast Prosthesis & Bras

    Many women dealing with breast cancer undergo surgery that alters their physical appearance. A breast prosthesis or mastectomy bra can help you feel confident again.

  • Cancer Support Centers (National & International)

    Know there is support wherever you are in the world. Our team created a list of places like The Gathering throughout North America and overseas.

  • Children & Teen facing cancer in a loved one

    When you're diagnosed with cancer and have young children or teens, you may be concerned about how they will react to the diagnosis. Here is information to get those difficult conversations started.

  • College Scholarships

    Looking to take your next step in your education and need help looking for assistance because of you or a loved one has been faced with cancer? Please check out our College Scholarship resources.

  • Coping with cancer treatment and side effects

    Patients tell us that the side effects of cancer treatment can be harder than the cancer itself. This makes sense when you realize that cancer does not cause nausea or hair loss, but chemotherapy can. We also hear from many of our participants that the anticipation of the potential side effects was much worse than what they actually experienced. That being said, it is important to know that there are things you can do to reduce side effects.

  • Exercise at TGP

    Regular exercise can greatly improve physical and mental health and it's a very important piece of the cancer journey. At The Gathering Place, we understand the importance of exercise during or after treatment and will work each participant to help them meet their unique needs. Those who were not active before their cancer diagnosis can safely and successfully join one of our exercise programs.

  • Financial Assistance

    Although there aren't nearly enough financial resources available to match the needs in our area, we are lucky to have some great resources in northeast Ohio.

  • Helpful Websites

    These website can help organize the stream of information that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Take time in learning about the cancer that has touched you.